Info Antivirus – Surf Securely With Info Antivirus


With info antivirus you are able to confidently browse, play and shop. It works unobtrusively in the background, keeping you protected from hidden and camouflaged dangers. The program dependably recognises new malware and also other malicious procedures with its behavioural analysis technology BEAST and DeepRay. These work with artificial cleverness to identify behaviours that are commonly used by fresh and rising threats. This will make data one of the greatest virus protection programmes in the world.

The software also protects against attacks that exploit security gaps. These types of so-called drive-by attacks occur if a prepared web-site spies the pc and looks for suitable breaks to use. Once the gap is usually spotted, it is actually exploited simply by malware that encrypts individual pictures, video clips or papers and then requirements a ransom payment to decrypt them. Data extortion viruses including CryptoLocker, which usually affected hundreds of thousands of personal computers in 2013, and the financial Trojan Welchia are types of this type of hazard. G Data’s proactive technology detect this sort of attacks by analysing the behaviour of procedures, files and applications.

Other security features include a electric battery profile just for mobile devices that prevents software from using too much power, international optimizer which usually stops unneeded programs out of slowing down the device’s time to shoe up and storage cleaner that finds replicate or poor-quality photos which can be safely removed to release space. The app lock function helps you to prevent undesirable visitors by accessing the smartphone or perhaps tablet and GPS traffic monitoring helps you find your missing device.